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Wedding Venues – How Many Should You View?

Booking your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when organising your upcoming nuptials. Do you look at somewhere local? Are you wanting to go abroad? Do you want to do both? Have you got family that live in two completely different parts of the UK? All valid things to think about.

Even if you are thinking about getting married abroad, you will still want to plan a celebration with your nearest and dearest in the UK. So, the big question. How many wedding venues should you visit before booking your dream wedding location?

Perfect Venues with Walworth Castle

We would love to say just the one, come to Walworth Castle and book one of the most stunning wedding venues in the North East. Job done and you can go about planning the rest of your big day. However, we understand that everyone is different and has different needs and requirements for their wedding. So, it is only understandable that you go and see a few local venues to understand the pros and cons of each and weigh up which venue suits you best.

There’s no set number on wedding venues you should visit, but you should make sure you visit the whole breathed of the wedding venues in the North East to give you a flavour of what they can offer.

Don’t forget that at Walworth Castle, we are prepped for any wedding, civil marriage or partnership. We have fantastic facilities for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and as an extra bonus, you can book the entire castle and grounds for you and your guests.

Regardless of if you’ve visited 2,5 or 10 wedding venues in the North East, you are always more than welcome to come and visit Walworth Castle to see what we have to offer you as a leading wedding venue in the region.

Contact our friendly wedding team today to book an appointment, we can’t wait to see you!