Welcome back to Walworth Castle Hotel. We are now open for overnight stays, dining, celebrations and weddings.

Tacha – Bar and Restaurant

Tacha has been part of our bar and waiting on team for three and a half years.


By her own admission she sometimes finds the early morning shift a struggle but nothing a couple of cups of coffee can’t put right!


She most likes Sunday Lunch service and working during a wedding, this is because a lot of the team are all in at one time and she gets to see all of her colleagues/ friends. After work they all sometimes head to Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour for some ‘family time’ to chill out after a long shift.


Tacha has previously been a party animal and still occasionally enjoys a night out with the girls but in recent years has begun to appreciate family time much more. On her days off she likes to catch up on sleep and do some online shopping – which is a huge addiction of hers! She also likes to treat her Nan to a tea and scone or treat her mum to a new purchase on one of their trips to Teeside Park.


She’s visited Hawaii twice. Once was for her Dad’s wedding. She remembers how peaceful and relaxing it was. Her favourite place in the UK is Plymouth as she has so many happy memories of growing up with her parents there. She even has plans for retiring there!


In previous years Tacha was a ballet dancer and was a member of the marine Cadets. Even further back into history she can trace some very interesting descendants. Notably, Edward and Joseph Pease on her Father’s side and a famous war hero on her Mother’s side.


During more recent times Tacha has kept in touch with her best friends, Charlotte and Holly by holding virtual quiz nights – We look forward to welcoming you all back to the castle again soon ladies!