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Real Life Wedding – Mr and Mrs Norris

Name of Wedding Couple : Olivia & Peter Norris
Date of Wedding: 16th November 2019.

How far in advance did you secure your date? 
We booked our autumn wedding a year and a half in advance! So glad we
did it then and not any later.

What made you choose Walworth Castle as your venue? 
We fell in love with Walworth a year before we booked our dream wedding!
For us, Walworth is the perfect autumn/winter venue. It’s stunning grounds,
character and warmness was Exactly what we were looking for, for our
November wedding.

Which part of planning your wedding did you enjoy most? (Looking at
venues, choosing your dress suits, picking your drinks & menu choices,
sorting invites/ stationery… etc?)
All of it! I think the most exciting part is when all those little details start to
come together. When you first start planning it seems a million years away,
but when you see all those details come together it’s truly magical.

Did you have hen do’s / Stag do’s? (if so, where did you go / what did you
My husband to be went to Dublin for his stag doo! (He loves his Guinness!)
For me, I had a weekend away in York with all the girls and then a beautiful
intimate spa weekend away with my bridesmaids, mother of the bride and
mother of the groom. It was 2 weeks before our big day which was much
needed relaxation!
What did you have for you wedding breakfast and evening food? (& which
course/ part did you enjoy the best?)
For our mains we had the selection of beef, chicken, and salmon. All our
guests raved about the delicious food for each dish and we both had the
chicken which amazing! On the evening we had a hog roast which again,
was a huge hit with all our guests with some people going for fourths! This
was possibly due to too much partying!! We didn’t manage to try the hog
roast but when we retired to our beautiful bridal suite, we were delighted to
see two pork sandwiches were put in there for us by the lovely staff! Great
end to the night!

What was your colour theme & what decorations did you add to the castle
on the day? 
We had a rustic, autumn theme which included lots of berries, burnt
oranges and mulberry. We added lots of flower arrangements everywhere
mixed in with jam jars and candles to give it that humble, homemade

If you could give some advice to any couple just starting out on their
Walworth wedding journey what would you say to them? 
Communicate with the wedding coordinators as much as possible! They
were amazing and answered all my panic emails (at all hours of the day) no
matter how big or small! They made it much more pleasant for us.

We have 2 bridal suites at the castle. Are you team Jenison or team King
I was lucky enough to stay in the Jennison the night before my wedding
which was stunning and perfect for those “getting ready” bridal photos on
the morning. But it goes without saying the King James really took our
breath away and has all the character and charm we first saw in the castle
2 years ago.

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be? 
Take it in more! Everyone tells you how fast it goes on the day, and I was
given the self-same advice! But the day goes so fast, so try to soak in as
much as you can.

Which part of the day did you enjoy most? 
The moment alone, and immediately after the ceremony when you look at
each other and know you did it!

If you had to describe your wedding in 3 words what would they be?
Magical, Joyful, Perfect!