Our Amazing Walworth Team

December  2019…

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.

With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to look back and reflect on the year. The past 12 months have seen lots of different things happening here at the castle. Weddings, birthdays, special occasions or family get-togethers – we have seen many different reasons for our guests and customers to come and visit the castle. We play a part in all of these things and you the team make it special for the people you meet along the way. Sometimes we meet and get to know guests, who in turn become friends in some way. Getting to know people is one of the privileges of what we do and please be aware – WE/YOU are good at it! Along the journey of a guest booking whether it be a wedding or a simple restaurant enquiry we meet and talk to all kinds of people, getting to know them a little better each time we come across or meet them. Yes, we don’t always get it right but that does not stop us trying and nor should it.

The work, commitment and dedication that YOU, the team put in places us in the top tier of Hotels similar to us but that is where the similarity ends because WE are unique and there’s not another team like ours. You are brilliant at what YOU do. It is often easy to lose sight of the good that we do collectively and there is nothing wrong with saying how good we are. This last year has seen us try new things, refurbish areas and invest in our future. Without the backing and support of our team, we would not be able to so successful.

Thank you for all that you do, Merry Christmas and here’s to 2020.

Recognising our Walworth team is something we have done each month now for quite some time and November is no different. Sometimes we are lucky to have so many young people helping us and bringing a fresh dynamic to our team.

Our team here at Walworth Castle are amazing and thank you so much for all your hard work throughout the year. We couldn’t do it without you!