Welcome to Walworth Castle Hotel. We are open for overnight stays, dining, celebrations and weddings.

Going for Gold in Green Tourism

We are passionate about environmental issues and renewable energy and are looking at ways in which our 12th century castle can go completely green. We have achieved a silver award with Green Tourism so we are now going for gold!

We are also currently looking at becoming completely plastic free. We are well on the way to achieving this by working with suppliers to reduce and recycle not only plastic, paper, cardboard and glass.

We tasked all departments within the hotel to look at where they worked and what they could do to reduce the amount of waste which their department generated. The results were very interesting and some of the ideas which the team came up with were very simple but very effective.


We have looked at our internal systems for cleaning, and now our housekeeping team use reusable containers when cleaning guest bedrooms and public areas. We use eco friendly products, which are less harmful for the environment. Being on our own sewerage system, we have never used abrasive chemicals, but more than ever we are aware on the impact of the products we use.


We now use bulk cleaning chemicals which has significantly reduced the amount of plastic we used to generate. Having fewer deliveries and therefore reducing our carbon footprint was a key improvement. We now ask our suppliers to take away the plastic or polystyrene containers they deliver the food in and use our wooden crates which we have provided.


We offer all our guests a bottle of water for their journey home. Originally we used a plastic bottle, however with the environmental impacts at the forefront of our minds we have changed them to glass. We recycle paper for internal printing and only print when absolutely necessary.


We have also completely eradicated plastic straws and now only offer the paper versions. This gives a clear message to our customers that we are keen to reduce plastic items within the hotel.

Thinking about the environment is a key project moving forward and we are hoping to become a zero waste business. Even our food waste is collected by a local company, Warrens and composted to become fertiliser!