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Catterick Rovers Reunion

We were delighted to welcome back Catterick Rovers for their annual reunion! Each year ‘The Catterick Rovers’ as they refer to themselves gather at Walworth Castle Hotel and this year sees their 58th reunion.

Then and Now

Way back when, 58 years ago when they had their first reunion the rovers used to camp on the floor in old army barracks. By their own admission, they prefer a little more comfort these days. Walworth Castle has been their choice of venue for the last 11 years.

The group met when they were completing their national service together at Catterick in 1958 where they were part of 8 signals regiment.

Within the group itself they have separated themselves into smaller groups based upon their geographical location. There are groups from London, Yorkshire, Darlington, The Midlands, Scotland. There is even a lady and gentleman who travel from America each year especially for the reunion!

The group are an absolute delight to know and we look forward to their visit each year. They each arrive with us individually on the Friday of their weekend stay and dine in our Farmer’s Bar before retiring to one of our private rooms for prosecco supplied to the hotel by Bon Coeur Fine Wines and an opportunity to reflect on photos from the past!

They are up and off out early doors after breakfast on the Saturday. A coach picks them up at 10am sharp to take them to wherever they’d like to be. The location varies each year. Previous years have seen them visit; The Bowes Museum , The Masham Brewery , Raby Castle and The Locomotion Railway Museum .

On Saturday evening they enjoy a delicious 3 course meal in a private dining room whilst enjoying each others company. Towards the end of the evening the person nominated as organiser for the following year make themselves known with our team and plans for the following year begin.