Welcome to Walworth Castle Hotel. We are open for overnight stays, dining, celebrations and weddings.

Breakfast at the Castle

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and it’s one of the last experiences at our hotel guests have during their stay at Walworth Castle. This is why we feel that we really need to make it memorable for all the right reasons.

Breakfast in Darlington | Breakfast at Walworth Castle

Breakfast at Walworth Castle

We work very closely with local suppliers which ensure quality and provenance. Buying local is very important to us! Suppliers we work closely with include Marley’s Butchers which are a family run butchers based in Ripon, Teesdale eggs and W & W Peeled Potatoes for vegetables. We have also worked closely with our management team and our talented head chef Steve Myers to create breakfast dishes which are perhaps out of the ordinary, and ones which will wow our customers.

There’s also more demand than ever for vegetarian and vegan offerings. Allergens also need to be taken into consideration as we are seeing huge increase in the number of guests requesting gluten-free or dairy-free options. We take allergens very seriously as there can be drastic consequences if a guest has something which they are allergic to.

Breakfast in Darlington

A full English breakfast is still as popular as ever although and we have this option as gluten-free. We also offer a vegetarian alternative. Many guests who are spending lots of nights away with business are looking for healthy alternatives to a full English breakfast as they eat a lot of hotel breakfasts. A vegetarian option isn’t just for vegetarians, but it’s also for those trying to be healthier as there’s less fat content in the products in this option.

We then have those who want something sweeter. This is why we offer French toast which comprises of thick-cut brioche cinnamon eggy bread with blueberries and honey and Greek yoghurt. This is also another vegetarian option. There’s also a breakfast bagel with bacon, egg and sliced cheese, lettuce, and tomato relish, served with a hash brown on the side. We also serve a shroomelloumi… a herb roasted flat cap mushroom topped with grilled halloumi and a little truffle oil. This is not only vegetarian but gluten-free.

Avocados are a popular choice for breakfast. But due to the increase of vegan guests, we offer crushed avocado on toasted ciabatta with lemon, harissa and coriander. Non-vegan guests can enjoy it this way, or have it topped with a poached egg.

There are other options as well including a delicious brioche bun filled with sausage and bacon served with a side of hash browns. Plus there are Eggs served as you like them either on toast or on an English muffin. And if this isn’t enough, in addition, we have a selection of juices and cereals plus a fruit and pastry selection. We serve breakfast between 7am – 10am every day of the week. And you don’t need to be resident to enjoy this delicious menu! We are open to non-residents as well, just call us to reserve your table. Have a look at our website and download our menus!